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Dr. Evan Rieder is one of three American physicians to be dual board-certified in dermatology and psychiatry. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, as well as residency programs in psychiatry and dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine.


Dr. Rieder has expertise in cosmetic dermatology, skin care, general and surgical dermatology, and nail disorders. He is known for both his ability to customize cutting edge technology to achieve natural cosmetic results as well as his practical and collaborative approach to the treatment of skin disease. As a psychiatrist, his calm demeanor and selective use of mind/body techniques put people at ease and when necessary, allow him to understand the subtle aspects of skin and beauty. His strong academic training, sense of artistry, and gimmick-free approach to aesthetics make Dr. Rieder a sought-after dermatologist for a discrete and sophisticated clientele. 


An expert in the confluence of aesthetics and psychology, Dr. Rieder has published extensively in the dermatology and psychiatry literature and is regularly called upon to educate his peers. He is the editor of two major cosmetic dermatology textbooks, Essential Psychiatry for the Aesthetic Practitioner (1st Ed) and Cosmetic Dermatology (3rd Ed). He is a highly valued consultant and media expert, having worked extensively with industry to launch novel skin care and pharmaceutical lines. For over five years he hosted the Dermatology Show on Sirius XM Dr. Radio, and is regularly featured in print and online media including The New York Times, GQ, Vogue, and Allure.


Dr. Rieder spent the first seven years of his career as a full-time faculty member of the prestigious New York University Department of Dermatology. In the fall of 2022 departed academia and has been practicing boutique cosmetic and medical dermatology practice in downtown Manhattan. He is an active member of several medical organizations including the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, and the American Psychiatric Association. 

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