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Dr. Rieder is a widely sought-after media expert. He is featured in numerous media outlets, as well as in roundtable discussions with media and beauty editors. His opinion is highly valued for the discussion of cosmetic and medical dermatology, and for his unique voice articulating the confluence of skin, beauty, and psychology.


For many years he has been a regular host of the Dermatology Show on Sirius XM Dr. Radio. He is commonly featured in print and online media including The New York Times, Gentleman's Quarterly, Vogue, and Allure.

Dr. Rieder is available for a range of non-clinical collaborations including consulting, expert witness, and brand marketing. Dr. Rieder has served on advisory boards for pharmaceutical companies, assisted major cosmetics companies in the development and launch of product lines, and worked both as an investigator and monitor for clinical trials.


For a full listing of features, please click here to download Dr. Rieder’s CV.


For a glimpse of Dr. Rieder's unique perspective on aesthetics and psychology please see a selection of features below. 

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